Thursday, February 9, 2017

Honolulu Chase League!

Honolulu Chase League
Hawaii’s First Competitive “Tag” Event

February 25 8-10pm
Ages 13+
$5 Single Entry
$15 “Team” Entry (4 per team)
556 Reed Lane Honolulu

Honolulu Chase League is proud to put on the first ever parkour tag event of it’s kind in Hawaii.  There will be a single player, double elimination bracket tournament with prizes.  There will also be a team tournament, chaos round, and time to verse your friends.

Single Play

Each round lasts 20 seconds.
For the single player rounds, there is one “chaser,” and one “runner.”  If the chaser tags the opponent, they win a point.  If the runner lasts to 20 seconds, they win the point. The participants will then switch being runner and chaser for another round.  The fastest “tag” wins.  If no one gets tagged in both rounds there will be an elimination round.

Team Play

1.5 minute round
Each team chooses an order of players.  One team starts as the chasers by coin toss. The chasing team can “tag team” the next teammate in.  Then both teams switch.  The team with the most or fastest tags wins.

Chaos Round - tba

Here is a Youtube clip of epic chase games with the amazing World Chase Tag. Check them out!