Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Precision Ninja Fast Course

This event is for 16 years and older.  All minors absolutely must have a parent present to sign a waiver.  $20 cash at the door @Crossfit Oahu 556 Reed Lane Honolulu.

Precision Parkour is organizing and holding Hawaii's first American Ninja Warrior style event at Crossfit Oahu's flagship location in Kaka'ako.  The course will be styled after American Ninja Warrior, with ropes, jumps, balance, strength, grip, and endurance challenges.  It will be extremely challenging.  Everyone will be able to complete the full course during the preliminaries, with a burpee penalty if they cannot complete a challenge.  The finals will then be the top tier times and the winner will be whoever gets the furthest the fastest.  There will be women's, over 35, and overall divisions.

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